Israel365: Bringing Jews and Christians Together to Strengthen Israel

July 4, 2024
A Celebration of Freedom and Faith: Keep God’s Land Edition of The Israel Bible
In an era when cultural roots, religion, and heritage are increasingly in the spotlight, and not always in…
May 21, 2024
Michele Bachmann calls on Christians and Jews to Pray Together for Israel 
On Sunday, May 19th, 2024, leading Christian activists joined Rabbi Rami Goldberg of Israel365 for a Keep God’s…
May 13, 2024
Israel365 Launches Israel Bible Plus: An Innovative Bible Study Experience
Six years after the release of the groundbreaking Israel Bible, Israel365 is unveiling an innovative approach to studying…
April 3, 2024
Future Christian leaders brave the war to tour the holy land
On Monday, Israel365 wrapped up its nine-day Keep God’s Land Young Leader Fellowship tour of Israel. Despite the…
February 25, 2024
‘Keep God’s Land’ Movement Launches Anti-Two State Campaign at NRB
The heinous events of October 7 followed an unprecedented wave of murderous terror attacks perpetrated by these jihadists…
February 20, 2024
Israel365’s One-of-a-kind War Room at NRB
The Israel War Room, is an innovative, engaging, and interactive space that provides a deep understanding of the…