About Us

Israel365 strengthens Israel by building bridges between Jews, Christians and all who share our faith-based values.

United Across Faiths

Light unto the Nations

We are Orthodox Jews who share the wisdom of the Torah with the broader world.

Friendship & Mutual Respect

We build friendships with those who share our Torah values, support Israel and respect our differences.

Speaking Truth

We are unafraid to speak the truth regardless of cultural pressures or popular ideologies.

Israel365 is an Orthodox Jewish institution that believes that Jews and Christians must respect one another. We unequivocally reject any Christian attempts to proselytize Jews and will not associate with any Christian institution that proselytizes Jews.


The People. The Story. The Mission.

The People.
The Story.
The Mission.

Rabbi Tuly Weisz​ - Founder

Rabbi Tuly Weisz is the founder of Israel365 and the editor of “The Israel Bible,” the first Bible dedicated to highlighting the relationship between the Land and the People of Israel.
Rabbi Tuly is a columnist for Israel365news, the Jerusalem Post, Fox News and Newsmax who writes passionately about Israel, the Bible and Jewish-Christian relations. In addition to his writings, Rabbi Tuly has appeared alongside Alan Dershowitz on ILTV, on CBN’s “700 Club”, Daystar, Israel National News, TBN and numerous other television appearances.

Rabbi Weisz attended Yeshiva University (BA), Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (Rabbinic Ordination) and the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law (JD) and served as the Rabbi of the Beth Jacob Congregation in Columbus, Ohio before making Aliyah to Israel.
Rabbi Tuly lives with his wife and is blessed with 6 children and lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

Robert Frohlinger​ - CEO

Robert Frohlinger became the CEO of Israel365 in 2022. He is the founder and owner of Marketbound LTD that guides and supports the scaling of traditional and digital businesses. Robert has held numerous senior-level positions at trend-driving retailers and worldwide consumer product and service brands, including CEO of Sakal Holdings Israel, which owned the license for renowned international fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie & Fitch; CEO of La-Tweez, a leading worldwide beauty implementation brand; VP of Strategic Planning with Old City Partners; and Vice President for Macy’s Department Stores for over 18 years. Robert holds over 30 years of experience in creating, developing, and managing multi-hundred-million dollar businesses.

Donna Jollay​ - Director of Christian Relations

Donna Jollay is the Director Christian Relations at Israel365. She is a hi-tech entrepreneur, the owner of Jerusalem Tours, a philanthropist, and, most dear to her heart, a deeply committed Christian Zionist. Her love for Israel and the children of Israel began when she had a life changing spiritual awakening in 1995 and started reading the Bible. Donna has dedicated her life to building bridges between the Christian and Jewish communities.

Shlomo Schreibman - Director of Sales & Marketing, Israel365 Media

Shlomo Schreibman is Director of Sales and Marketing at Israel365 Media. Shlomo loves connecting with motivated people, companies, and large nonprofits seeking to build strategic and healthy business relationships between Israel and the Christian Zionist / Jewish market in the US. Shlomo completed a Masters program in Organizational Psychology at Ariel University. He frequently lectures for universities and organizational development programs at some of the largest companies in Israel.

Rabbi Elie Mischel​​ - Director of Education

Rabbi Elie Mischel is the Director of Education at Israel365. Before making Aliyah in 2021, he served as the Rabbi of Congregation Suburban Torah in Livingston, NJ. He also worked for several years as a corporate attorney at Day Pitney, LLP. Rabbi Mischel received rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. Rabbi Mischel also holds a J.D. from the Cardozo School of Law and an M.A. in Modern Jewish History from the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies. He is also the editor of HaMizrachi Magazine.

Mordechai Levi - Director of Creative

Mordechai Levi is Israel365’s creative director. He leads creative strategy and execution for all campaigns and projects on behalf of Israel365 and its clients.

Talia Eisen - Client Relations Manager

Talia Eisen is Israel365’s Media Client Relations Manager. Originally from New York, Talia completed her BS in Marketing from Sy Syms School of Business and her MBA from Bar Ilan University in Israel. She previously worked as Director of Sales for Choice IP and Director of Marketing for Aha Media Group. After living in Ohio, Maryland, Massachusstes and California, Talia finally made it back to Israel in 2016 with her husband, Ethan and their 4 kids. Talia loves skiing, eating carpaccio and karaoke dance parties with her family.

Shira Schechter - Content Editor

Shira Schechter is the content editor for TheIsraelBible.com and Israel365 Publications. She earned master’s degrees in both Jewish Education and Bible from Yeshiva University. She taught the Hebrew Bible at a high school in New Jersey for eight years before making Aliyah with her family in 2013. Shira joined the Israel365 staff shortly after moving to Israel and contributed significantly to the development and publication of The Israel Bible.

Eliyahu Berkowitz - Senior Reporter, Israel365 News

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz is a senior reporter for Israel365News. He made Aliyah in 1991 and served in the IDF as a combat medic. Berkowitz studied Jewish law and received rabbinical ordination in Israel. He has worked as a freelance writer and his books, The Hope Merchant and Dolphins on the Moon, are available on Amazon.

Dan Gruhn - Donor Relations

Dan was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Dan and his family made Aliyah in 2010 and live in Jerusalem, Israel. He received his B.S in Management from Bellevue University and has been working with customers for over 30 years. His mission is to connect the world to Israel and give donors the opportunity to make a difference in God’s land. Feel free to contact him at dan@israel365.com or call him on his international number: 614-953-5960 or his Israel number: 058-782-0479.

Sara Lamm - Content Editor

Sara Lamm is a content editor for TheIsraelBible.com and Israel365 Publications. Originally from Virginia, she moved to Israel with her husband and children in 2021. Sara has a Masters Degree in Education from Bankstreet college and taught preschool for almost a decade before making Aliyah to Israel. Sara is passionate about connecting Bible study with “real life’ and is currently working on a children’s Bible series.

Sharon Michaels - Director, Israel365 Dallas

Originally from Quincy, Massachusetts, Sharon Michaels moved to Dallas, Texas 18 years ago. Time flies when you are having fun! Before moving to Texas, Sharon lived in Orlando, Florida where she was the national midday host on Radio Disney. Her nickname on the radio was BB Good, and it was always a “good” time! She is thrilled to be the Director of Israel365 Dallas – and looks forward to meeting you!

Rabbi Rami Goldberg - Director of Strategic Relations

Meet Rabbi Rami, Israel365’s Director of Strategic Relationships. Originally from New Jersey, he holds ordination from Yeshiva University and a Masters from the Azrieli School of Jewish Education. After a brief teaching career, he made Aliyah to Israel, establishing successful businesses employing over 70 people. Rabbi Rami passionately lectures on business ethics to university students, focusing on ethical practices and wealth management. He also serves on nonprofit boards to impact the Jewish community. Living in Ramat Beit Shemesh with his family, Rabbi Rami’s journey, while fruitful, hasn’t been without challenges, including some unsuccessful ventures. He is also an avid hockey player, having been chosen for the Maccabee games in 2022.

Inbal Rose - Design Executive

Inbal Rose is Israel365’s Web Executive, responsible for designing websites, emails, and marketing materials. Inbal was born and raised in Israel, and recently returned home after spending many years in Canada. Her time overseas gave her a newfound appreciation for her homeland, and she’s thrilled to be part of a team that is dedicated to strengthening the Holy Land and its people. A busy mother of four young children, Inbal makes time to explore fresh design ideas and embark on new creative ventures.

Aharon Mendlowitz - Creative Executive, Israel365 Media

Aharon Mendlowitz is Israel365 Media’s Creative Executive. As an engineer by trade, Aharon takes ideas and turn them into functioning businesses. Aharon made aliyah to Israel in 2004.

Yehudit Weingarten - Design Executive

Yehudit Weingarten is a Design Executive at Israel365. Born and raised in Ginot Shomron, Israel, she earned a BA in Communications and Information Science from Bar-Ilan University. Yehudit dedicated two years to national service, helping new immigrants acclimate to Israel and teaching American students about Israel at a school in Philadelphia. She is passionate about the land and people of Israel, and spent many summers teaching young people about Israel at Religious Zionist summer camps.

Rafi Weinstein - Operations Manager

Rafi Weinstein, Israel365’s Director of Operations, was born in New York and made Aliyah with his family to Israel as a child. He is fascinated by the intersection of technology, human behavior and the Bible. He lives near Hebron together with his wife and three children.

Zahava Schwartz - Copywriter Executive and News Editor

Zahava Schwartz, Copywriter Executive and News Editor, is originally from Queens, NY (go NY Mets!) but is now proud to call herself a Jerusalemite. She graduated from Yeshiva University with a B.A. in Marketing, and Yeshiva University’s GPATS, with a Masters in Biblical and Talmudic Education. She is also currently completing her Master’s in Modern Jewish History from Revel. Before making aliyah in August 2022, she worked as a program coordinator at Manhattan Jewish Experience. When she’s not at Israel365, you can catch her with a coffee, dreaming up a Torah + Pop culture podcast.

Kalman Labovitz - Technology Manager

Kalman Labovitz is Israel365’s Manager of Technology. He earned an International MBA from Bar Ilan University. Kalman specializes in digital marketing and technology and is expert in search engine optimization. He lives with his family in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Bella Kamins - Influencer Marketing Executive

Bella Shuman is a Israel365’s Influencer Marketing Executive as part of our social media team. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she made Aliyah to Jerusalem eight years ago. She is a social media enthusiast blessed to contribute my skills to the impactful mission of Israel365.

Zelig Krymko-Shmuelovich - Tours & Special Projects

Zelig Krymko-Shmuelovich is the Tours and Special Projects Executive at Israel365. Before making Aliyah in 2023, he owned and managed Catskills Lake Cabins in upstate New York. He is a passionate Israel educator and activist, and worked as National Director for College Activism for the Zionist Organization of America, as well as for TruePeace. Zelig regularly speaks in Christian communities across the United States about the history and strategic importance of Judea and Samaria. Zelig lives in Efrat, a town in the Judean hills. His daughter is a farmer and shepherdess in Samaria.

Zev Krupp - Associate, Strategic Relations, Tours & Fundraising

Zev grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. After high school, he studied in a yeshiva in Israel, where he developed a passion for Israel and decided to build his future in the holy land.
Zev cultivates relationships to ensure our friends arrive safely in Israel and experience a life-changing tour.