Israel365: Bringing Jews and Christians Together to Strengthen Israel

May 20, 2021
Message from Tuly: Critical Now for Jews to Reach out to Christians
In 1981, following Israel’s attack on Iraq’s nuclear reactor, the international community united in condemnation of Israel….
November 7, 2019
Rabbi Tuly Weisz’s Eulogy for His Father, Michael Weisz
With all my recent back and forth flights from Israel I’ve had a long time to think about…
June 10, 2019
Rabbi Tuly Weisz at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast
On Thursday, June 6, Rabbi Tuly Weisz spoke to the participants of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast- a global…
June 3, 2019
Israel365 Presents Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion with The Jerusalem Covenant
Yesterday was Jerusalem Day- Yom Yerushalayim. On this day 52 years ago, Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Land…