Welcome to #Shabbat4Israel

and thank you for standing with the Jewish people.

Since Biblical times, Jewish women have been lighting candles just before sunset on Friday to honor the Creator of the world, the God of Israel, who rested on the seventh day.

In light of the horrific massacre that occured on Shabbat, October 7th in Israel, we invite all women, Jews and non-Jews, to stand with Israel by lighting Shabbat candles in their homes and praying in solidarity with the people of Israel.

A Call to all Christians and Jews who Love Israel

Light Shabbat Candles to Stand with Israel

More Jews were murdered on Saturday, October 7 than on any day since the Holocaust.

As the sun sets this Friday afternoon, light two candles in your home in honor of Shabbat, in solidarity with the people of Israel and in memory of the hundreds of Israelis who were massacred on Shabbat.

Light two candles, and bring light into a world overcome by darkness.

Say a prayer over your children, and for the children and innocents taken hostage by Hamas.

Post photos of your Shabbat Candles on social media

How to light Shabbat candles:

Step 1

Acquire two candles. Many Jewish women use simple white candles, but that isn’t required. You can use tea lights, scented candles in a jar or any other pair of candles that will burn for at least 30 minutes.

Step 2

Place your candles on a metal, glass or ceramic tray and place the tray in a public area of your home, such as the dining room table. For safety, candles should be lit in a well-ventilated room away from drafts, vents or curtains. Although they won’t be lit until Friday, your candles can be set up in advance and can be surrounded by pictures or products from Israel.

Step 3

The Bible (Genesis 1:5) teaches that each new day begins at nightfall and so the proper time for lighting Shabbat candles is Friday afternoon, just before sunset. You can find sunset times for your local area by clicking here.

Step 4

Once your candles are lit, gaze at the flames and say the following prayer:

Heavenly Father, I am lighting these candles to welcome and honor the Shabbat that You created and in memory of the hundreds of Israelis massacred last Shabbat. God of Israel, please use the light of my Shabbat candles to bring light into a world overcome by darkness and bring everlasting peace to your people Israel.

The moments of Shabbat candle lighting are considered to be an especially opportune time for prayer, so feel free to add additional words of personal prayer at this time for your own family and for those who desperately need prayer in Israel.

Step 5

Greet those around you with a smile and a hug and wish them Shabbat Shalom, a peaceful Sabbath.

Jerusalem is mourning.

Stand with Israel.

Thank you for your support

#Shabbat4Israel October 13