Gen Z Jewish and Christian Women in Israel to Declare: Keep God’s Land!

“I rejoiced when they said to me, “We are going to the House of Hashem.” Pslams 122:1

A group of eleven remarkable Gen Z women leaders, all in their 20s and hailing from diverse Christian and Jewish backgrounds, participated in a groundbreaking leadership mission to Israel partially subsidized by Israel365 as part of “Keep God’s Land,” a new faith-based movement aimed at strengthening Israeli sovereignty throughout Israel.

The group of young women landed on Wednesday, November 22nd, morning and didn’t waste any time, going straight from Ben Gurion International Airport to the Israel365 office in Bet Shemesh where they were presented with a ‘swag bag’ including sweatshirts, water bottles, a special book that was put together for the trip that included learning materials that they will be using on this trip.

The group then went to Bet Shemesh to visit the family of Sergeant Binyamin Meir Airley, of blessed memory, a 21-year-old IDF sergeant from the 101st Battalion Tznachanim (paratroopers brigade) who fell in battle in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday. Binyamin was the son of Jennifer and Robert Airley and the grandson of Mrs. Julie Wolk of Dallas.

The family was observing the seven days of intense mourning following the burial referred to in Jewish tradition as ‘shiva’. Several members of the mission, Jewish and Christian alike, had never visited a house of mourning and were visibly moved by the experience.

The evening turned festive as the mission visited an IDF base in Gush Etzion, helping to set up a barbecue as a treat for the 400 soldiers.

They were also treated to a demonstration in which an 18-year-old female combat medic in full gear rendered treatment. Some of the mission participants commented that the IDF medic was even younger than they were.

A concert was also held, allowing the mission to see the IDF soldiers in their civilian role as fun-loving young people. One mission participant is a teacher in a yeshiva in Teaneck, New Jersey, and she brought cards that her students made. These were distributed to the soldiers who were thrilled to see how much Jews in the US cared about Israel.

“We are bringing young leaders here to emphasize the importance of Jewish-Christian solidarity in our common battle against radical Islam,” said Rabbi Tuly Weisz, founder of Israel365. “We are also boldly equipping them to push back against the alarming trend of support for Hamas among young Americans, threatening Israel’s future. These women are here to encourage the Jewish people and to declare: Keep God’s Land!”

“This mission is not just about providing support to Israel; it’s about nurturing a new generation of leaders who are informed, passionate, and capable of shaping a better future for both Israel and America,” said Rabbi Elie Mischel, Director of Education at Israel365.

On Thursday, the mission visited the south of Israel to personally witness some of the lingering devastation. They also attended lectures on Israel advocacy. The day will end with a traditional Thanksgiving meal with MK Dan Allouz.

Scheduled from November 22nd to 27th, the mission’s agenda is packed with meaningful volunteer work, advocacy training, Biblical and historical studies, and visits to communities attacked by Hamas on October 7th.

Key highlights of the mission include:

  • Faith-Based Advocacy Training: Led by Rabbi Pesach Wolicki of Israel365 Action, the training will equip participants with skills to become effective faith-based advocates for Israel’s cause.
  • Volunteering – Participants will assist with harvesting in the vineyards of Samaria while they are here, will feed IDF soldiers on an army base, and visit wounded soldiers.
  • Historical Insights: An exploration of the historical roots of current conflicts, enhancing participants’ understanding of the region’s complexities.
  • Jewish and Christian Reconciliation – Participants will study and discuss the complexities and changing nature of the Jewish-Christian relationship.
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