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Though the Hebrew Bible was given to the people of Israel about 1,800 years before the founding of the United States, the two are inextricably linked. The Hebrew Bible was the foundation for the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

The founding fathers viewed America as a modern day Israel, comparing the Puritans’ flight from Britain to the original Exodus. In this analogy, crossing the Atlantic Ocean was akin to the Jews crossing the Red Sea. And the United States was, of course, the equivalent of the modern day promised land.

When writing the constitution, the founder fathers turned to the Hebrew Bible as a guide. The twelve tribes of Israel, each governed separately but unified under the leadership of Moses, Aaron and the 70 elders, was a model for the Federalism and separation of powers that define the American republic. 

The Bible’s influence is clearly evident in the core values on which America was founded. God created men to be free, religious freedom is a divine right, morality and self restraint are essential to a healthy democracy, and belief in God is essential to national unity. These foundational values are expressed throughout the Bible, and are critical to the healthy functioning of our democracy. The Bible itself speaks of the importance of its teachings for political leaders.The king of Israel must have a Bible before him when he is seated on his throne, and must always travel together with a Bible (Deuteronomy 17:18)

The Israeli and the American flags are seen during a visit of Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, in Gush Etzion, on May 29, 2019. Photo by Gershon Elinson/Flash90.

Unfortunately, modern America has drifted away from its foundational biblical values.  Secular progressives dominate Western culture, and the Bible is too often forgotten.  Too many of our political leaders and elected officials have also forgotten the significance of the Bible – which has led them to turn their backs on Israel.

While some of Israel’s enemies in Congress are simply ignorant of the Bible, others explicitly reject and attack it.  

Senator Josh Hawley puts it simply:  “What they [secular progressives] particularly dislike about America is our dependence on biblical teaching and tradition. [But] without the Bible, there is no modernity. Without the Bible, there is no America.” 

But how can America be saved? What are we to do if America can only thrive as the power we know it can be if it follows the word of God? Most importantly, how can you help?

Hard as it is for us to imagine, many of these leaders have never read the Bible in a meaningful or accessible way. 

That’s where Israel365’s Israel Bible for Congress program comes in. Israel365 will distribute the Israel Bible to all members of congress and the senate, ensuring that all of America’s leaders have access to the word of God. You can ensure that every US senator and congressman receives an Israel Bible, by donating to the program here.

As Israel fights for its survival on multiple fronts, it is critically important for American political leaders to have a Bible at their fingertips which will educate them on the core issues at stake in Israel and guide them in their decision making.

The Israel Bible is the world’s first Hebrew Bible centered around the land of Israel, the people of Israel, and the unique relationship between them. The Israel Bible helps readers see how the Hebrew Bible’s lessons speak to the challenges and crises of our time.

Together with the Israel Bible, senators and congressmen will receive key pro-Israel talking points clearly based in Biblical theology. Israel365 will also work with senators and congressmen to unite Christian and Jewish faith leaders in their district in support of Israel.

We are at a pivotal time in our history. The eternal Bible is all that stands between us and a godless society with no moral values.

Israel365 has joined the fight to ensure the United States returns to its core biblical values. Will you join us?

Click here to learn more and partake in this incredible opportunity!

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