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Sponsor a Day of Israel365

Every day of the year Israel365 sends an inspirational email newsletter to over 150,000 supporters of the Jewish State from…

Plant a Tree in Israel and Make Prophecy Come True

Israel’s summer heat wave has caused terrible destruction of its beautiful trees. Since April, Israel has been sweltering under oppressive…

PHOTOS: Israel365 Welcomes New Immigrants Home to Israel

Israel365 gave a warm “Shalom” and welcome home to a number of Olim (new immigrants) who landed at Ben Gurion…

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Video: IAF Special Forces Unit in Action

Meet the IAF Special Forces Unit 669. This is perhaps one of the most dangerous units – but they don't…

Video: Ready For TakeOff!

Prepare for your own travels on an El Al flight! Preview El Al's in flight safety video, and get ready.

Video: ‘One Day’, Peace Will Rule the World!

A young couple sings of peace and harmony. It will happen, 'One Day'.

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The Temple Mount in ancient times. (Photo: Arise and Ascend)

The Ninth of Av: Throwing the Keys Up to Heaven

When offering words of comfort to a mourner we reference the destruction of the Temple. The traditional invocation expresses our…

Finding the Light in a Time of Darkness

Judaism teaches that from the time of Pesach (Passover), until the time of Shavuot (Pentecost) the Jews shall count. This…

Passover: The Holiday of Redemption

The origins of Pesach (Passover) lie in the spring celebrations of the first grain harvest. The holiday celebrates God's great redemptive…

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Handmade, Biblically-themed ceramics by Naomi Persky.

Artist Combines Love of Israel and Bible in her Ceramics

Twenty years ago, artist Naomi Persky had a dream to live in the Holy Land. That wish came to fruition…
orit martin tree of life

Torah Symbolism Meets Graphic Art: Orit Martin Review

Art connoisseurs, philosophers, Kabbalists and the deeply spiritual will all find a shared interest in the art of Orit Martin.…
adi sidler turquoise hamsa

The Minimalism of Adi Sidler’s Jerusalem

Adi Sidler is an Israeli artist who was born in Tel Aviv in 1970. From a young age he showed…