When Israel needs you, will you stand up?
Operation Guardians of Israel

Young Leadership Solidarity Mission

Israel’s righteous war to defeat Hamas needs a new generation of Jewish and Christian graduate students and young professional leaders to rise up in solidarity.

New dates: November 21st - 27th, 2023

Limited Spots. Apply by November 6th.

“I have set guardians upon the walls of Jerusalem all day and all night. They shall not remain silent.”
(Isaiah 62:6)
We have no other home

Israel is strong, but it needs our help today. If the faith community remains silent, Jews will no longer be safe in our homeland, or anywhere else. Operation Guardians of Israel is an unprecedented response from Jewish and Christian student leaders united in solidarity for Israel who believe that victory will only be achieved when we recognize the Torah (Bible) is our shield of protection.


In 1991 and 2001, hundreds of students from Yeshiva University responded to waves of Arab terrorism, known as intifadas, by flying to Israel to volunteer and encourage Israelis through Operation Torah Shield. Rabbi Tuly Weisz, Founder of Israel365, and Rabbi Elie Mischel, Israel365’s Director of Education, participated in Operation Torah Shield in 2001, an experience that inspired them to dedicate their lives to Israel advocacy. 

In the wake of Hamas’ evil attack on October 7,  an offspring of Operation Torah Shield, Operation Guardians of Israel, will bring future leaders to Israel to volunteer, serve, pray and study. For the first time, Christian participants are being welcomed and invited to volunteer and serve shoulder to shoulder with their Jewish brothers and sisters, with mutual respect in a non-proselytizing environment.

Because of the many sensitivities involved in Guardians of Israel, there will be a rigorous application process to screen applicants. Candidates must be involved in Israel leadership and commit to continued service as Israel advocates upon returning to America.


7 AMBreakfast

8:30 AMAnti-Semitism throughout the ages has prepared Israel for today 

10:00 AMIsrael Advocacy Boot Camp

12:00 PM – Lunch at Hotel

1:00 PM – Volunteering (such as working in fields or with children, visiting hospitals, or repairing bomb shelters)

4:00 PMConnecting Biblical Prophecy to the Current State of Israel

6:00 PM – Visiting Bereaved Families

8:00 PM – Dinner at hotel

9:00 PM – Night programming


Participants will hear security briefings from IDF leadership, political analysis from Knesset members, and receive spiritual nourishment from American and Israeli faith leaders. Participants will meet with families of the kidnapped hostages, attend funerals and forge unforgettable bonds with the People of Israel. Most importantly, Jews and Christians will form a powerful bond and work together in support of Israel going forward. 


Rabbi Tuly Weisz founded Israel365 in 2012 in order to strengthen Israel by building relationships between Christians and Jews. To read more about Israel365 and the importance of Christians and Jews working together, click here. In the past decade, Israel365 has developed a large online presence, published The Israel Bible and established critical relationships with Jewish and Christian leaders that are being mobilized now to defend Israel.

Israel365 is working with a number of leading Jewish and Christian partners on Operation Guardians of Israel. 


Together with other leading institutions, Israel365 has secured funding for 40 graduate students and young professional leaders to participate in Operation Guardians of Israel at the highly subsidized rate of only $1800 per participant. Participants will also commit to raising $1,000 for Israel by the end of 2023.

Israel365 is working with a leading security company to ensure the highest level of safety for our participants. Because of the many unknown factors, this trip is not for the faint of heart and all participants are ultimately coming at their own risk, as a guardian of Israel under Hashem’s protection.

Upon completing the application process, candidates will be screened and interviewed by Zoom. Candidates who are accepted must pay the non refundable $1800 fee and are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from JFK Airport.

Application Form

Limited Spots. Apply by November 6th

Operation Guardians of Israel is looking for students with the capacity to inspire and influence many others.
Out of respect to the Jewish community, Christian participants must agree not to proselytize Jewish students during or after the mission.

For any questions contact: info@israel365.com